Saturday, June 4, 2016

to begin a social media-less summer

How often do I find myself mindlessly refreshing Instagram while the book I've been trying to finish for months sits on the shelf, collecting dust?
How often do I tweet when I could be journaling or blogging or allowing myself more nuance than 140 characters?
How often do I see those Facebook posts that do nothing but spark jealousy and comparison in my heart? 
How often do I find myself engaged in a full blown texting conversation so much so that I'm completely disengaged from being with Ryan in that moment?
Too often. Too, too often. 

Now that summer is here and my most recent gig is over, I've decided it's time for a break. A cleanse. (like a juice cleanse? sure.) A reset. A recharge. I feel a turning point in my life and it needs to start with reconnecting with things I love. Reading. Writing. With a pen. Hiking. And in such a way that I feel allows myself a little bit of an escape. The other day, I was thinking about how I haven't spent a long period of time "disconnected" from the Internet in years. Over a decade. Not that this is a bad thing. There is so much good that comes from the access to information & connection we can gain from the interwebs. But, because it's an ever-changing world of new apps, new social media platforms, the constant ability to iMessage anyone at any time, I think I've yet to figure out my own balance between using it all to my advantage and mental & emotional gain and it hindering my own growth & well-being.

So. All this to say. Social media & I are taking a break. Texting & I are gonna chill out. This summer will be about reconnecting with myself, with reading through the list of books I have, about traveling, backpacking, writing letters. And I'll be here on my blog, still. This blog is also something I've somewhat abandoned in my busy-ness & distracted-ness. 

In the meantime, please feel free to email me, call, send me your address so I can write you a letter. 

I'm off to go delete some apps. 

Happy summer, friends! 

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