Sunday, April 3, 2016

thoughts for Sunday

Going out for pancakes with a best friend is always yes. 

Seeing one of my favorite bands this past Monday in San Francisco felt like catharsis & solidarity with the past & some kind of church. A reminder of the power music has to speak what words cannot. 

Pedicures are always yes. 

Sometimes jealousy creeps in & it is disgusting & feels so gross. But maybe you have to let it sit there for a minute & not shove it away so you can move past it truthfully. 

Skinny jeans are awesome but so are not skinny jeans. 

I am reminded continually of how, to me, good love feels like freedom. And I am always thankful. 

A trip to the coast, eating fresh bread & cheese by the ocean with my person, that stuff is what life is about. 

Peet's iced coffee with vanilla & almond milk is my new favorite thing.

Swapping books with new friends is yes yes yes. 

Midtown Sacramento is in full bloom. We walk through our neighborhood & every corner & roundabout is engulfed in flowers. Makes me the happiest.

Today I went to the co-op to buy a few things for dinner and there was a little baby eating cheese cube samples & dancing with her mama to the 70's music they were playing in the store and I bought ranunculus & wine & walked out of the store full of contentment & peace & deep love for the life I've created for myself.

Now, Ryan & I are going to make dinner & watch The Force Awakens to wrap up our weekend.

Happy April, friends.

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