Wednesday, March 9, 2016

around here

The last few weeks have been happily busy. Lots of color and life. I thought I would share some highlights. 

I love living in the farm-to-fork capital. It means delicious farmers market goodies all year long. 

For Valentine's Day, Ryan & I went to our favorite favorite favorite ever ramen restaurant, the Ramen Shop in Oakland. The best cocktails & appetizers & ramen I've ever tasted. Every plate & drink are so thoughtfully made. We could eat here every week, seriously. But, then we couldn't pay rent. So. You win some you lose some.

I love my Auntie B. At least once a month, she will suggest a dinner idea or a trip to the flower mart. Driving to San Francisco with her, chatting about everything under the sun, buying flowers, and eating brunch is definitely up there in the "This is What Life is About" category.

I mean, COME ON. Look at these beauties. I swear, buckets of flowers really do it for me. At some point in my life, I really want to get paid to arrange flowers. Hold me to that please, interwebs.

*heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes*

I've also been busy working at B Street, a theatre company here in town that I have a lot of affection for, doing lots of things here & there. I accepted a gig doing another school tour with them and I am so looking forward to hitting the stage again before summer.

My dear dear friend, Jordan, recently opened an Etsy shop (jamstickershop!) where she sells her hand designed stickers. They are designed for a very expensive planner that I do not own, BUT I couldn't help but buy some for my moleskine planner. They're just the cutest and so well made and really could be used for planning or stationery or anything you want cute stickers for! I'm totally hooked. Go check out her shop!

I am also completely hooked on this Skin Polish by Lady Made Stuff. She makes all her products thoughtfully with essential oils. This scrub makes me feel so happy about life. I discovered her on instagram a while back and can safely say I am sold sold sold. 

Also, I just love supporting the business ventures of strong women that are committed to creating quality products. 

Lastly, a few nights ago, Ryan & I went to see MuteMath, a band I've been a fan of for nearly ten years. I've seen them play live two other times before, but Ryan hadn't ever. It was his birthday but he went happily to see "my" band play. We had such a good time. I love that no matter if Ryan is not familiar with a band (or a play or a movie or any other given performing art medium), or a little familiar with them, or a lot familiar with them, he is just appreciative of good art. He's appreciative of stage presence & great technique & he always notices the little things. I love going to shows with him and just living life with him. 

He's the best. 

So, that's it for me, as of now! I hope that wherever you find yourself in what can be a very dreary time of year, that you can recognize the color & life & light & goodness around you and be glad you're there to experience it. 


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