Friday, February 5, 2016

february fifth

Sunshine on my skin like I haven't felt it in months 
I step outside my apartment 
The scent of winter leaving bombards my senses 
Reminding me again what newness feels like 
Because the sun 
Newness because that's what shows up in the spring 
After weeks of rain
The little yellow flowers peek their heads up from the ground 
I remember 
I remember what sun soaked California sounds like, smells like, looks like. 
It sounds like Nickel Creek 
And ice cubes cracking in coffee
And rolling my windows down. 
It smells like salt & sweat & tears of joy
And beer & strawberries. 
It looks like coming out of a cave 
And bared shoulders 
And time well spent 
And time well wasted.

The light is persistent 
And its comforting presence reminds me of this same newness

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