Friday, January 1, 2016

welcome, 2016!

Here I am, the first evening of 2016, sitting at my desk, listening to Adele, the teensiest bit of tequila in my system, a blank blog page staring me in the face. Should this be some sort of momentous post? Should I say something profound, something deep or important I learned in 2015? Should I do some sort of year in review thing? These expectations are too much, I tell you. I've already decided that I want to blog more this coming year, and clearly, clearly, I'm off to a damn good start...

The other day, a friend (actually, a couple of friends have said this recently) said that I've been pretty MIA lately, dropped off the face of the earth a little bit, so to speak. And I guess I have. Starting in November, I was working an ungodly amount. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I love working. Working is the best. Working is fun. Working is my addiction? Ah, crap. Am I a workaholic? Hey, Alissa, edit edit edit. (what is blog? what is filter?) In November, I started not one, but two gigs, at once. So I was working working working a lot. I was performing and rehearsing a lot. I was drinking a lot of airborne and a lot of coffee, doing a lot of stuffing trader joe's salads in my backpack as I ran out the door, doing a lot of going to and from. I didn't do anything else when I wasn't performing or rehearsing other than sleep. You can ask any of my friends. My social life has been non-existent. But, like I said, I'm not complaining. The last two months have been gloriously busy and a whirlwind of insanity. I worked at two great professional theatre companies in town, and that opportunity alone, has been just the best. I have three more performances this weekend, and then I think my body might crash a little bit when it realizes that it can. One of the best parts of the last two months of crazy has been the immense amount of love and support I've received from my loved ones. A text from my best friend reminding me that I've got this. Countless friends and family coming to my performances and supporting local theatre. I seriously have the greatest people in my life. 2015 ended at lightning speed.

So first, some lessons from 2015.

Bring a lot of socks when you go to New York in the winter. Like, pack an inordinate amount of socks. And boots that are too big so you can fit all the socks on your feet and also into your boots. Socks.
On said trip to New York, always sit next to the friends of the Broadway star you're going to see in one of your favorite shows. (this is a good tip)
If there is a reason to wear lipstick, wear it. If there's not a reason, you should wear it anyway.
When you're in a touring show that performs for children, always, always I tell you, carry hand sanitizer in your bag.
When you're in a touring show that performs for children, always be prepared to be bombarded with the cute that is a group of kindergartners staring at your face with amusement as you perform goofy characters that eat large fake candy bars and time travel in a very warm orange synthetic dress.
Don't try and get an uber when you're in Montana. They don't exist there.
Trader Joe's has good pre-prepared food. Really tasty. Really cheap. Trader Joe's is the best. (but, that was not learned this year, only affirmed and confirmed)
Cutting your hair short when you never have before is a good decision. Because it's fun and hair grows back, and why not!
Disneyland. Yes.
Backpacking is fun! Backpacking is exhausting! Backpacking is worth it!
Tattoos. Yes.
When you live in a building that was built before the 1930's and it's 100+ degrees in Sacramento, don't run both air conditioning units and charge your phone and cook and turn a light on. You'll pop the circuit breaker and it's just a major pain.
Buy products from Patagonia.
Eat more pancakes. (why are they so delicious)
Be in a musical! Seriously, musicals are so fun.

Now, deep breath.


2016 is for a few things.
Big and small and significant and stupid.
For clearing out the camera roll on my iPhone more frequently.
For watching less Netflix and reading more books.
For being intentional about pursuing things I've never done that I really want to check off my list.
For buying less and buying better.
For looking out for myself a little bit better.
For being okay with saying no and being okay with not having a "good" reason.
For blogging intentionally and exercising and growing my love for words and letting the catharsis that writing brings to me have its full potential.
2016 is for continued asking of questions.
For remembering that this is my journey and yours is your journey. They don't have to look similar. Not even a little bit.
For knowing that relationships never ever stay the same. And that can be a good thing.
For traveling to the coast with my Ryan.
For less Facebook.
2016 is for more singing and more dancing.
For knowing that I don't have to be everything to everyone. Or even everything to certain people. Or even everything to anyone.
For less apologizing when I'm not sorry.
For petting more dogs.
For less sweating the small stuff.
For being okay if, at the end of 2016, I look back at this list, and I didn't accomplish it all.

Because, maybe goals can be set and lists can be made and words written and boxes checked and unchecked, and this life is still mine. I'm making this thing up as I go.

Happy New Year to you. Love yourself. Stretch yourself. Do something new. Take a risk. Treat yourself well.


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