Wednesday, September 2, 2015


If I could find a way to put it into words 
I would tell you something like 
The mirror won't crack 
Even if you throw a rock at it 
Even though I know you don't want to 

If my words could come together in a way that made sense 
I would say something along the lines of 
This will never not scare me (I'm scared of a lot of things) 
But you don't scare me 
I need safety 

If I lived in a world where I didn't have to toss around in my mind 
A dozen ways to say the same damn thing 
Maybe I would try to say 
You can run or hide 
You can say what you think you should
But I can see it 
I still think there is (more) light 
And it will find a way 

If tonight I could stitch together more than just some lyrics without a melody 
I would tell you that you are so brave 
So very very brave 
And you're doing the right thing (so proud) 
Keep pushing forward 
You are worth this 

If there was a time when words came easy 
I would tell you 
And you 
And you 
And you 
(You're all on my mind) 
That you're loved 
So loved 

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