Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Ya know what I think is really great? And also really important? 
That the word "success" can have a million definitions. As many different definitions as there are people, really. 
I can define my own success. 
You can define your own success. 
Each individual's definition of success will be so much different than the next person's. 

Very often, I get hung up on everyone else's expectations or assumptions of what I should be doing with my life - who I could be, what I could accomplish, what I could attain. I get hung up on what people think of me, of what they will think of me if I make a particular life choice. Not that I don't want people's opinion or input. I am inexperienced and don't have the wisdom of so many wonderful people in my life. I need to hear what they have to say. I need their expertise and wisdom. But, the funny thing is, the people that I go to for wisdom usually tell me the same things: 
It doesn't matter what people think. 
You make your best guess and jump and then decide not to regret. 
To hell with that (everyone else's opinion).  
There's no formula.

Which is kind of wonderful, I guess. The fact that I get to decide what my own success will be. That I don't have to implement someone else's formula for success and happiness and fulfillment to my life. 
Success, for me, isn't a number - how many people know my name, how much money I'm making. 

Success, for me, at least in this point in my life, means 
fulfilling work, 
good food, 
spending time with my family, 
nurturing friendships. 

I guess those things that bring me deep joy and satisfaction define my success.

You get to define your own success. And I really think you should. 

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